Manasvi Infotech is a fully integrated organization, providing product and application development, customization and integration services.

Manasvi Infotech is focused on providing state-of the-art technology solutions to today's rapidly changing business environment. Our solutions are advanced, powerful and help businesses to seamlessly adapt to dynamic business eco system. We focus on creating sustainable value growth through innovative solutions and unique partnerships.

Our Vision .

Manasvi’s Infotech’s vision is to create a value based organization offering wide array of information solutions enabling the clients to grow their businesses

Our Mission .

  • Technology

    Manasvi is a professionally run organization providing Information solutions through technology that aid our clients in achieving their growth objectives.

  • Responsibilities

    We aim to be the most sought after organization for our clients, associates and partners while fulfilling our social responsibilities and align the organization’s goals with the individual goals of all our stakeholders.


Our services include customised solutions for your core business based on concepts of accounting, inventory payroll.

List of business types

Accounting services

Accounting & Bookkeeping services to handle all aspects of your finance function.

Accounting Services means the measurement, processing and communication of financial information about economic entities including, but is not limited to, financial accounting, management accounting, auditing, cost containment and auditing services, taxation and accounting information systems.

Consultants, doctors, lawyers and similar

Schedule and Track all your clients appintmenst along with day to day financial transactions.


Procure, process & sale your products. Manage all your business activity in one system.

A dynamic platform to record product-sensitive data, product and customer-specific bill of material and intermediate processes involved with the flexibility of authorised amendments.

Designed to record and handle customer-specific needs followed by order-related activities and dispatches, it also facilitates easy scheduling to ensure timely deliveries.

Ensures optimal material management and machine capacity planning based on the priority of each customer order attributed by the sales team, resulting in maximum ROI.

Integrates with other modules for optimum purchase management as per company’s diverse requirements. Allows purchase in a unit of measurement, different from that specified in the inventory.

Manages multiple warehouses; also manages material issues, receipts, rejections and returns to/from the vendors/customers, work order-related transactions as well as inter-warehouse transactions. It also takes care of extra requisitions and scrap items.

Restaurants/bars and similar

KOT to final settlement, record all activities at one place. Run day closure & stock valuation daily. Manage billing, history, inventory, staff, QR scanner, all in one software.

Restaurant Management System (RMS) is a versatile software that is a type of point-of-sale (POS) software. It will make your restaurant operation system easy and automated. This is an application that you can use as a computer application or server-based web application or mobile application. It can be used for any type of food business such as restaurants, hotels, bars, bakeries, cafes, food trucks, bistros, delivery businesses, homemade or online restaurant business, etc. It will manage everything from your account billing to staff management and keep the data secure.

It works great for small cafes to multi-chain restaurants. Does walk-in, dine-in, home delivery & online orders. Our affordable, pay-as-you-go pricing model fits every budget, user-friendly, device agnostic; no IT headaches. Restaurant-optimized Inventory Management, Recipe Management, Menu Engineering, Call Center Management, LIVE Business Dashboard, Kitchen Display System, Food Ordering Platform Integration, and lots more.

Diagnostic centre

Schedule, manage and monitor patients and test parameters. Manage your inventory and doctor requirements.

Automate your front desk & manage all workflows with automated communications, configurable forms, online payments and more.

Right from managing samples to interfacing machines with specific rules to auto-generate reports and deliver them automatically to patients.

Customise your reports in any format that best suits your business needs. Set calculations & other rules for reference ranges based on gender & age.

Set specific rules for your in-house doctors to authorise reports- from department specific rules to minimum authorisation rules.

Wholesale or Retail Trade

Procurement, issue & sales of goods all in one place.

In Score3s software you can do all back office work. Start from Purchase Order, Sales Order Manual & Android, Goods Receipt Note, Goods Issue Note, Godown Transfer, Branch Transfer, Formula for Finish Product, Raw Material Consumption, Semi Finish, Finish Goods, Physical Stock Verification, Stock Journal, Goods Replacement, Quotation, Purchase (With Material/Without Material), Purchase Return, Sales(With Material/Without Material), Sales Return, General Credit/Debit Note, Journal Voucher, Bank Receipt, Cash Receipt, Cash Receipt Android, Bank Payment, Cash Payment, Bank Reconciliation, Client Database (Contact Master), Service Tax, GST, TDS, Trading, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Reminders, Report


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